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Conference room rental - Warsaw

Conference room

Why not consider renting conference rooms in the Focus building in Warsaw. Our conference centre comprises 5 professionally equipped rooms, perfect for training sessions, conferences or other, less formal meetings.

Focus building

It is one of the most interesting buildings in Poland in terms of architecture. Perfect location: at Trasa Łazienkowska, 5 minutes from all urban transport systems – buses, trams and underground.


Aside from standard equipment, we can furnish the conference centre with additional technical equipment:

  • large projection screens,
  • multimeda projectors,
  • modern Shure digital microphones
  • conference sound system,
  • infrared simulatneous transalion system.

Lecture rooms

Rooms are independent of each other. The layout of the rooms, their size and the number of seats in each system are shown in the diagrams below.

Conference rooms