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Check available trainings and books with your coordinator: Diana Ryzkowa, tel: +48 573 339 189 |

Why choose the ACCA e-learning package?

  • Study at home
  • In your own time, on your own terms
  • Online access to all the training materials you need
  • Explanation of exam structure and techniques
  • Examples of questions and answers from the exam
  • Information on how ACCA exams are checked and marked
Start the ACCA e-learning course today and get the knowledge, skills and assistance you need to pass!

ACCA e-learning package - What's in it for you?

  1. Three ACCA Kaplan Publisher Books (hard copy)

    • Complete text
    • Exam Kit
    • Pocket Note
  2. EN-gage online access to the Texts, including:

    • Two online versions of the book
    • Extra multiple-choice testing with instant feedback
  3. EN-gage online access to the Exam Kits, including:

    • An online version of the book
    • Tutor debriefs on selected questions
    • Extra question assistance and tutor notes
    • Articles relating to the exam
    • Past exam papers
  4. Lecturers’ Resource Pack access, including:

    • Tutor Notes
    • PowerPoint Slides
    • Mock Exams
    • Interim and Final Assessments 
    • Question Banks
  5. Access to ACCA Online Standard tuition materials, including:

    • Subject Overview Tutorials
    • Study Planner and Guide to Study
    • Extra Study Notes to use alongside the book
    • Key Topics Video Tutorials (approx. 16 hours per paper of expert tutors talking through key course content)
    • Audio Debriefs on key exam areas
    • Question Debriefs, where a tutor talks students through a model answer

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact the ACCA programme coordinator:

Diana Ryzkowa:, +48 573 339 189  

Find out more about ACCA classroom training (also streamed online) here

Check the dates of upcoming classroom training courses here