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Assessors Academy

  • The program introduces and teaches the use of knowledge, which is essential for every assessor. 
  • During the workshop participants acquire the necessary skills to independently design and carry out the AC / DC session. 
  • Professional content 
  • Interactive lessons based on discussing real examples 
  • Additional practical tasks carried out between refresher classes and already acquired knowledge 
  • Diploma course after passing the final exam

Objectives and benefits:

  • The idea behind the establishment of the Assessors Academy is to provide interested people the duties of assessorial knowledge and skills that will allow for the implementation of projects to assess competencies adequately to business expectations. 
  • The school develops business, professional and interpersonal skills of future assessors. 
  • Sustainability of education process and implementation the program by experts combined with practical tasks and exam determine to acquire sufficient skills to independently design the assessment of competencies, to lead it, preparing reports and give feedback.

Who is it for?

For workers of HR departments, managers who want to learn about designing competency models, the use of competence in the processes of recruitment, training design and periodic evaluations.

Course Structure

One module includes two training days, after eight hours of a teaching day. The modules are taught once a month. If you leave one of the modules, you can complete it at another time. Training group size is a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 14 people. The composition of groups in one module may vary.

The modules are in the order in which the design and conduct competency assessment process runs: from introductory to advanced modules assessorial skills. Each module performs four main objectives defined at the level of knowledge or skill. The module ends with a practical task, performed during the interval of one month. The task is settled in electronic form or at the next training module. The participant has his own documentation of tasks that must be achieved in the run-up to the exam.

The Exam

The examination shall be conducted when at least two trainers are present. Assessments are made ​​in a descriptive way and ordinal scale, serving the speedy verification of growth or competency gaps

Each person undertaking studies at the Academy of Assessor should go through a 6-step cycle training. Moreover, they should demonstrate practical skills during homework, appointed after each training. The cycle ends with an exam, checking the level of knowledge and skills (knowledge test and participation in the project evaluation).  Diploma certifies completion of training and possession of skills, sufficient to conduct independent projects of the Assessment and Development Centre.

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