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Business English Writing Skills - 2-day workshop

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This workshop aims to provide professional staff with skills in effective business communication. The focus will be on the individuals' needs, to enable them to improve their work-related documents. 
  • For whom?
  • Objectives and advantages
  • Programme

Business people who have to communicate in English, especially in writing, but perhaps have not considered the aspects of good writing in English.


  • To encourage the participants to develop a better awareness of style to help them become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses;
  • To assist participants in gaining an understanding of what makes successful writing;
  • To give the participants the ability to produce professional, clear, effective documents more quickly.


Participants are encouraged to look at their own written work and improve their techniques in terms of expression, tone, formality, style and accuracy.
Their writing skills will be developed through a series of written tasks, feedback and opportunities to revise and improve their output. However, feedback may not be effectively given to all participants due to the size of the group and the short duration of the course.


  • Understand the elements of effective writing;
  • Have a better awareness of own individual problems and therefore be able to self-correct and write more accurately;
  • Be able to produce more effective, professional documents;
  • Have increased confidence and therefore be able to write emails and other business documents more quickly.

Key Elements of the Workshop

Structure and clarity Organising information and making it clearer for the reader.
Style Choosing the right level of formality, being concise and consistent.
Tone Choosing the appropriate tone for the mode of communication and the audience.
Grammar Specific attention to typical mistakes of the participants.
Functions Special phrases used for particular purposes.
Cohesion Linking words, reference words, referring backwards and forwards within a document.
Plain English Making sure participants use language designed to inform and not to confuse.

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