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Finance for non-financial managers - courses in Polish

We provide a similar course in English too, with the added benefit of practising your Business English! 

Promotion to a higher position is a natural path of career development. President of the board, director of operations or department manager are positions requiring organisational skills, decision making skills, power of influence. The management are not completely unaware of financial issues. A director does not have to be a finance person but without financial knowledge he will not be able to fully understand the consequences of his decisions.

All managers should be comfortably able to read the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash-flows. After participating in the course managers should be better able to communicate with financial staff.

Responding to market demand, we have prepared two- and three-day courses for managers who do not have any background in finance, but need to be able to interpret and use financial statements in their day-to-day work.

Intensive and practical training courses are organised in the form of workshops. During workshops we work on real life financial statements of trading and production companies. All our courses are taught by experts with many years of professional experience.

The series is divided into modules and consists of the following parts:

  • Czytanie i interpretacja sprawozdań finansowych (2 dni)
  • Analiza sytuacji finansowej przedsiębiorstwa (2 dni)
  • Prawno-podatkowy niezbędnik menedżera (2 dni)
  • Ocena projektów inwestycyjnych. Zarządzanie ryzykiem finansowym. Podstawy funkcjonowania rynków finansowych (2 dni)
  • Rachunkowość zarządcza z wykorzystaniem MS Excel (2 dni)

It is possible to participate in chosen modules. However we recommend for a better understanding that you attend all three modules. 

The most important characteristics of the course:

  • Our training formula consists of lectures, discussion, short exercises and extended case studies.
  • Theory is illustrated by numerous examples from real life financial statements.
  • We do not require any „base” financial knowledge. We do not avoid difficult issues, but we always try to explain them in a way understandable for all participants.