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HR courses and workshops (Human Resources)

Assessors academy - aims and benefits of training

The course is intended for IT professionals Human Resources consultants consulting firms, future assessors. The training participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for project implementation assessment of competence, adequate to the expectations of the business. With the occupation of a practical nature, will also be developed interpersonal skills of future assessors. The training will end test to verify the competences developed human resource management.

Training outplacement

Workshops are conducted in groups of maximum 14 persons. Training takes place in an interactive, engaging participants in gaining new experiences and reflections on them. Participating in classes receive training materials that are theoretical introduction to the issues addressed. Friendly atmosphere during the course promotes the acquisition of skills in the conduct of outplacement.

Recruitment and selection

Training designed for professionals, managers and those responsible within the company for the implementation of recruitment. The training participants will gain skills in the preparation of the job profile for which there is demand, and conducting interviews with potential candidates for the job.

Recruitment based on competences

HR professionals and managers involved in the recruitment of staff in the training will gain knowledge of the definitions and examples of what and how they are describing. Develop their skills through these activities based on concrete examples regarding the positions and the recruitment process simulation. Training includes an overview of reporting and tools used in the selection based on the study of competence. A major advantage of the training is also an opportunity to gain the ability of the correct self-esteem when it comes to skills Recruiter.

System management salaries in the organization

The responsibilities of Human Resources professionals is also managing the salaries of employees. The course participants will be able to answer the nagging questions concerning their remuneration system. Taking part in the classes learn about the latest trends related to changes in the field. Will be able to skillfully use the concepts learned in participatory pay and remuneration system design variables.

Interim evaluation of the employee

The training is aimed at professionals and managers making periodic assessments of employees. During the workshop, HR, they will expand knowledge of employee evaluation. Having a workout driving skills evaluation interview and how to cope with difficult situations during the assessment, allow them to conduct conversations that benefit both employees and the organization.

Interview competence as an effective tool for recruitment and selection

The aim of the training is to systematize the knowledge of participants about the different types of interviews, so you will be more effectively carried out. Students will enhance the skills of observation and assessment of professional competence to effectively mitigate errors and efficiently use selection methods to create effective interviews with candidates for the job.

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