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CIA - courses for internal auditors

Internal audit is an independent activity, giving objective assurance and advice, whose purpose is to enhance the value and improve the operations of an organisation. It helps an organisation achieve it's objectives through systematic and disciplined assessment and improvement of the processes of risk management, control and governance. 

CIA examinations assess a candidate’s knowledge and skills relating to current internal audit practice. The CIA diploma holder, regardless of further professional career, can demonstrate his or her abilities in the area of effective risk management and knowledge of the internal control system.

CIA diploma holders are perceived as highly qualified professionals. They understand the principles of business activities, related risks and control systems. They offer their organisations additional professional skills and in depth knowledge of operational activities. They constitute a valuable asset for management, helping in achieving organisational objectives.

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For whom?

The course is delievered in Polish and is dedicated to internal auditors.

Objectives and advantages

If you are interested in participating the training, please contact course co-ordinator Klaudia Pliszka (


The course is led in Polish, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Klaudia Pliszka
tel. +48 510 201 302