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Financial Audit

Management board is responsible for the design and implementation of effective systems of financial reporting that will reliably and on time inform stakeholders about the financial position and financial performance of the organization. 

In the era of the growing importance of organizational governance principles and related requirements regarding the financial reporting process, the Board is particularly interested in continuous assessment and improvement of its measures to ensure the reliability and accuracy of financial information. Internal auditors are responsible for the examination of the adequacy and effectiveness of the actions taken by the Board to fulfill this task, and the accuracy and reliability of financial data generated. 

Our training provides the knowledge and tools how to perform a financial audit of the organization.
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For whom?

Anyone who is interested in the topic of financial reporting and financial auditing, in particular:

  • internal auditors
  • financial controllers


After completing the training, participants will know

  • What is the process of financial reporting in the organization
  • How the basic elements of financial statements are structured
  • What are the possible types of errors and fraud & NBPSfinancial reporting
  • What is the role of internal audit in assessing the reliability of financial information
  • How to plan and carry out a financial audit

The programme is available in Polish. Check it out or contact Klaudia Pliszka.

Date and location

19-20 October 2020, Warsaw

27-28 May 2021, Warsaw

Price 2100.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)


Training coordinator of this course is:
Klaudia Pliszka
tel. +48 510 201 302 

Continuing Professional Education

Earn up to 15 CPEs when completing this training.

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