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Hedge Accounting in Practice under IFRS 9 - 2-day Workshop

New dates: 5-6 November 2020
Price: 480 Euro
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This two-day intensive and interactive workshop is dedicated to the application of hedge accounting in accordance with the new requirements introduced by IFRS 9 Financial instruments. You can participate in this workshop ONLINE LIVE - join us wherever you are in the world!

Hedge accounting is a useful accounting tool that enables the presentation of derivatives concluded for the purpose of risk management, at fair value without affecting the financial result of the company.

However under IFRS 9, the use of hedge accounting is a privilege, available only on condition of meeting certain economic and other criteria, which are barriers difficult to overcome by many companies wishing to benefit from hedge accounting.

The goal of the workshop is equipping the participants with up to date and practical knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve hedge accounting.

At the workshop we bring practical examples of the use of derivative instruments in hedging of financial risks. During the course participants will solve real-life case studies of application of hedge accounting for foreign exchange rate risk and interest rate risk, using excel spreadsheets.

Sample our training: view the webinar How to apply Hedge Accounting: practical examples for times of crisis

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The workshop is intended both for managers and staff of accounting and financial reporting departments and specialists responsible for financial risk management and entering into derivative contracts: financial directors, chief accountants, auditors, treasurers, specialists in financial risk management, financial controllers, staff responsible for business transactions creating exposure to risk.

Tangible benefits of this workshop

  • Thorough understanding of the concept of hedge accounting enabling the correct presentation of derivative hedging instruments in the financial statements
  • Practice the formal requirements of hedge accounting in accordance with the latest IFRS 9 requirements
  • How to recognise the effects of hedge accounting in the books and how to disclose information about hedge accounting in the financial statements
  • Systematise knowledge and application of hedge accounting for derivative instruments used in financial strategies in a company
  • Understand the links between the practice of hedging financial risk in a company and formal requirements of hedge accounting
  • Practice cases of the application of hedge accounting 


  • Typical exposures to financial risk (currency, interest rate, commodity prices) in business activities
  • Derivatives used to economically hedge financial risk (forwards and futures, swaps, options and option strategies).
  • Economic hedging relationships and their impact on financial performance of companies when hedge accounting is not applied. Variability of profit and loss caused by valuation of derivatives and the benefits from hedge accounting application.
  • Accounting approach to hedge accounting. Recognition of fair value hedge, cash flow hedges and net investment hedges.
  • Hedged items and hedging instruments eligible for hedge accounting .
  • Formal requirements for applying hedge accounting and measuring hedge effectiveness.
  • Examples of hedge accounting for currency risk, interest rate risk, commodity risk and discussion of possible solutions.
  • Case studies on application of hedge accounting will be solved by using spreadsheets like Excel.
  • Disclosures on hedge accounting required by IFRS 7 as amended by IFRS 9

Date: 5-6 November 2020

Our training days run from 9:00am to 4:30pm CET | 11:00am – 6:00pm GST | 12:30pm – 7:30pm IST.

LocationONLINE LIVE - join us wherever you are in the world!

Price: 480 Euro

Maciek Kocon

Maciek is an experienced financial risk management consultant and trainer.

He is a Senior Associate Trainer with EY Academy of Business and specialises in delivering courses in the areas of financial management, banking, valuations and accounting for financial instruments.

Do not hesitate to contact the Course Co-ordinator, Aleksandra Trych:

Participants will receive 14 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) credit hours.

Our courses fulfil the requirements of the professional development schemes of international professional bodies such as ACCA, IIA, PMI®, etc.

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