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i-learning IFRS

Intelligent learning for a better working world

Cost: Please contact us for groups and corporate rates

i-learning IFRS is the new intelligent learning frontier in self-directed learning. It provides individualised online training smoothly aligned with the company’s HR process. The aim is faster, more accurate and efficient reporting instantly.

i-learning IFRS accelerates the team's performance in Accounting Technique and Analysis at all levels and improves the Reporting Process immediately:

  • Enabling each individual accountant or analyst in applying IFRS on the job, gaining on-the-spot guidance and confidence in IFRS compliance.
  • Develops the individual systematically and methodically to an advanced level in IFRS – skill up immediately at any level, guarantee uniformity of skills across teams.
  • Links directly to the HR process by enabling managers to support the team so that they know who has achieved what skills and when.

Who for?

i-learning IFRS is specially designed for Accountants, Chief Accountants, Financial Managers and Directors, Auditors, CFOs, Investment Managers and Analysts who need to understand, interpret and apply IFRS and also maintain the skills and the knowledge fully up to date in the long run.

All standards and interpretations are covered, along with rich guidance materials and resources that can be used at work. All examples and case studies are real-life and practical, requiring participants to apply the skills and tools learnt as well as applying judgement.

Why i-learning?

  • Intelligent learning that enables staff to direct and shape their own skills curve;
  • Providing direct interaction with a dedicated trainer who supports staff every step of the way;
  • A platform that supports management in motivating, monitoring and accumulating the Finance team’s skills;
  • Ensuring access to all CPD credits required for the year;
  • Unbelievable Return On Investment, using the latest technology to enable you to work intelligently.

This includes:

  • Individual online access to the searchable and fully up to date i-learning platform, guiding users step by step in IFRS application.
  • Full and unlimited training that can be structured by group/level.
  • 15 CPD credit hours and a certificate for each completed Training Module.
  • Personal tutor supporting each participant with individualised feedback as and when needed.
  • FREE access to the HR App for HR/Line Managers
  • Complete IT support.

Customisation of the platform is also available.

Contact us!

To view the platform’s full features and dynamics, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to arrange a demo presentation and to answer your questions on the spot!

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