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Time Management - Personal Effectiveness

Currently no open courses are scheduled in English.
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Training objectives

  • Increasing the Participants’ personal effectiveness
  • Overview of methods, techniques and tools in the area of personal effectiveness  and time management
  • Preparing a personal method of task/e-mail, calendar and priority management

Benefits to Participants

  • Acquiring the skills related to task management and regaining the control of your workday
  • Identifying the blockades and limiters of more effective use of time
  • Variety of solutions for different Participants’ needs, the workshop offers a vast overview of methods, techniques and tools
  • You will get a solution for you
  • Applying the acquired solutions on the organization level will ultimately contribute to its development and growth


  • What is good and bad multitasking?
  • How does our mind work, doing many things at the same time? Where does our desire to do many things at the same time come from?
  • The impact of multitasking on our mind
  • Consequences of the standard way of reading e-mail and multitasking 
  • Specification and implementation of the e-mail management system
  • What do we need a task management system for?
  • Overview of task management methods, disadvantages of the existing systems, 
  • directions of modern solutions
  • Managing tasks - implementation
  • Managing the calendar - best results
  • Presenting practical application of Pareto laws 
  • Parkinson/Eisenhower in daily work
  • Value of planning as a swift approach to the reality 
  • Individual work – preparing a plan for yourself 
  • Changing bad habits

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  • Objectives and advantages
  • Programme
  • Date and location
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Currently no open courses are scheduled in English.
Contact us about organising this course in-house!
Price 1860.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)


Renata Michalak | tel. 508 018 460 | email:

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