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Effective communication for finance professionals

Modern markets pose big challenges to finance professionals – decisions relating to distribution of company’s resources, correct assessment of the current financial situation, efficient cost management and forecasting.  Based on our observations, experience and research, technical expertise is not sufficient to manage an organisation. Financial directors and other finance professionals are required to understand business processes, to be able to cooperate with other departments, to manage a team and to be client-oriented.

Finance professionals present facts, often unpopular ones and participate in the decision-making process. These responsibilities require the ability to present financial information in a way that is understandable and interesting for colleagues. The key skills of a finance professional are the ability to persuade people, to use language appropriate to the audience.


  • To familiarise the participants with effective communication tools
  •  To improve persuasion skills and personal credibility while dealing with people from other departments
  • To enhance the ability to deal with difficult situations, to react in a conflict and in a highly emotional situation

How is the training conducted?

This is a skills training. Lecture illustrated with examples is only used at the introduction stage or for the discussion of results. A camera will be used during workshops which will allow for the analysis of participants’ business conversation skills.  

The workshop is mainly based on exercises relating to conducting effective business conversations.

During the workshops a variety of educational tools will be used, such as simulation games and case studies conducted in groups. 

Price 2300.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)

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