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Stress Management

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This interactive training workshop comprises 14 hours of training scheduled for two days, from 9:00am to 5:00pm with regular breaks included.

The course has the form of a workshop with hands-on involvement of all participants. Techniques used in the workshop are exercises, team work and participants’ interaction. Short lectures serve as an introduction to the topics or exercises.

Size of groups is maximum 20 participants.

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  • Objectives and advantages
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For whom?

The training is dedicated to executives, managers and other staff members who:

  • Are under time pressure and lots of expectations
  • Want to find their individual stress management strategy
  • Want to learn how to return quickly to their comfort zone
  • Want to live a balanced life

Objectives and advantages

This training program will allow participants:

  • To acquire new experiences and knowledge behaviors in situations that cause tension
  • To learn new stress relief techniques and approaches
  • To learn customized stress relief tools and practise them during the course
  • To develop personal productivity skills
  • To learn gaining control of life challenges
  • Get to know their natural resources that can be the base for a stress-free life
  • To learn how to live a balanced life
  • To prepare an individual stress management strategy to apply on the long run


1. Me and the stress

  • What is stress. The different kind of stress symptoms. Possible health consequences of stress
  • Identification of stress resources in my life
  • Under the pressure of expectations and conflicts in my life
  • Immediate stress relief vs. stress management: understanding the difference

2. Stress relief techniques

  • The kind of stress relief techniques that are available to us
  • What kind of stress person am I
  • Learning some of the immediate stress relief techniques in the programme (i.e. ABC technique, thinking STOP methods, etc.)
  • Finding the most suitable stress relief techniques for me

3. Me and the change

  • The nature of change
  • My attitude to changes
  • What can I do to bear better emotional consequences of changes

4. How to keep my internal balance in harmony

  • Successes in my work. Mapping my internal resources
  • Improving personal productivity skills
  • Effective time management
  • Balancing the work life and private life well

5. Long-term stress management

  • How can I control my life more
  • Stress management items available to all us (including body, action, interaction, avoidance, nutrition and mindset)
  • Participants prepare their individual stress management strategy
  • Identification of the support and sources of inspiration needed to have in order to undertake best stress management strategy
Price 1500.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Adrianna Sykucka
tel. 519 511 447