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Effective presentation skills and media relations

The programme

What is the training?

The course is an interactive method of teaching and improving public speaking skills, buliding realtions with media and consciously creating a brand. Ability to learn the secrets of public statements and test your skills with a camera. A chance to explore the elements of the psychology of audience behavior during public speeches.

What is not the training?

The final rule to automatically apply in a given situation


  • Formation basic skills of consciously building communication.
  • Assimilate the principles of building relationships with the media.
  • Understanding the basic principles of savoir vivre.
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills relating to the role and importance of behavior in building the image.


  • Extending the ability to create a good presentation script. 
  • Understanding the principles of building contact with the audience. 
  • Forming the ability to use body language. 
  • Expanding skills of good communication related to specific type of media and building beneficial relationships with journalists. 
  • Ability to effectively use dynamic and static image. 
  • Knowing the rules of proper behavior in professional relationships.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) - our courses meets the requirements of international professional organizations (ACCA, IIA) about continuing education of it's members.

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