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SSC Team Leader's Academy

You are working in one of the most dynamically developing business sectors, which yearly generates thousands of new jobs. According to the forecasts, in the forthcoming years the growth dynamics will still remain at a very high double-digit level.
Specialists working in SSC teams need, therefore, leaders: effective and dynamic managers, who can combine their team leading capabilities with operational goals and business client needs.
If you have just become a new team leader, if you are an SSC team manager or if you/your 
organization have planned such a career path for you, our development programme is a response to your training needs.

Who for?

Development programme dedicated to:
  • SSC/GBS/BPO team leaders and managers who have recently been promoted to a new role,
  • SSC/GBS/BPO team leaders and managers who have already gained experience in their role, but still need to structure and expand their knowledge and competences
  • specialists working in SSC teams for whom the organization has planned a development path
  • HR specialists and managers working at Shared Services Centres.


  • Block 1: People Management
  • Block 2: SSC Team Operational Efficiency

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