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Team Leader Academy for SSC

Currently no open courses are scheduled in English. 
Contact Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645 | about organising this course in-house!
You are working in one of the most dynamically developing business sectors, which yearly generates thousands of new jobs. According to the forecasts, in the forthcoming years the growth dynamics will still remain at a very high double-digit level.
Specialists working in SSC teams need, therefore, leaders: effective and dynamic managers, who can combine their team leading capabilities with operational goals and business client needs.
If you have just become a new team leader, if you are an SSC team manager or if you/your 
organization have planned such a career path for you, our development programme is a response to your training needs.
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For whom?

Development programme dedicated to:
  • SSC/GBS/BPO team leaders and managers who have recently been promoted to a new role,
  • SSC/GBS/BPO team leaders and managers who have already gained experience in their role, but still need to structure and expand their knowledge and competences
  • specialists working in SSC teams for whom the organization has planned a development path
  • HR specialists and managers working at Shared Services Centres.

Objectives and advantages

As a Participant you will learn:
  • how to identify the factors that may hinder the realization of the goals set by an SSC team
  • how through your actions you should build engagement, impact employee performance and manage emotions
  • how to plan efficient induction of a new employee to an SSC team
  • how to prevent staff turnover in an SSC team though planning and creating attractive development paths for specialists
  • how to work out and effectively implement improvements in an SSC team using thinking tools
  • how to manage performance of services provided by your SSC team and how to build and monitor SSC customer experience
  • which available project management methodologies may support you in process streamlining and better work organization in an SSC team
  • how to set specific, measurable goals for each of the processes along with specific KPI’s for an SSC team.


  • BLOCK 1 - People Management
    • I am a leader: managing change and communication in an SSC team
    • Building employee engagement in an SSC team
    • Recruitment and induction of employees to an SSC team and managing their development
  • BLOCK 2 - SSC Team Operational Efficiency
    • Project management methodologies in an SSC leader’s work: which tools and techniques should be used? Lean, agile as support to operational processes in an SSC Defining KPI’s and the management of business process performance in SSC teams, managing an SSC team operational risk
    • Innovation in an SSC team. Practical thinking tools supporting team leader’s work
    • How to effectively manage an SSC service and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction with the provided services?
For more information please download the broshure in PDF.

Date and location

Please note that this course is delivered in Polish. 

Currently no open courses are scheduled in English. 

Contact Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645 | about organising this course in-house

Price 3950.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


The course co-ordinator:

Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645