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Thinking Tools. Creating effective statement

This course will be led in Polish

Learn thinking tools useful for translating product characteristics into attractive and understandable values that customers are looking for. 
Learn how to organize systematic group work and how to practically use eight patterns of creating effective communication.
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For whom?

We welcome everyone intrested in the topic and especially people who are resposible for managing and communication in their organization.


  • Understanding and practicing thinking tools responsible for creating effective communication.
  • Preparing solutions for communicating benefits, proposed by participants


  • "Inside the box thinking"? Two stages of innovative thinking
  • Why everyone wants to be innovative but not a lot of people effectivly innovate
  • What is "fixation"?
  • What are thought patterns?
  • AVM techique
  • Blueprints for creation of effective statements
  • Creating new functions
  • Metaphor
  • Subtraction
  • ...and many other interesting topics

Price 2100.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)


Oktawia Kuruś | tel. + 48 517 882 348 |

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