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Building cooperation and team management


  • Development of team management skills.
  • Increased knowledge of the group process.
  • Improving management skills and relationship potential in the team.
  • Experience your strengths and weaknesses in managing difficult situations for the team.


  • Know your strengths and weaknesses in the functioning of the team and team management.
  • Increased flexibility in the application of procedures and methods of working in a team depending on the stage of its development.
  • Improving the effectiveness of co-directing a team in difficult professional situations.

For who?

The course is designed for those who wish to systematize and expand knowledge on the management team and group process. For managers who want to quickly build a collaborative atmosphere in the team.

The programme

  1. How to build a good team?
    • Three aspects of team
    • Stages effective organization of tasks for the team
    • Atmosphere, cooperation - as her favor, and how to manage it?
  2. Piece capacity management in a team
    • Developing effective communication and team collaboration
    • Diagnosis and potential roles in the team
    • Synergy - value "added" action team
  3. Aspects of group process in a team
    • Stages of development of the group process in a team
    • Dealing with the change in team
    • Adequate working procedures to fit the structure and team development
  4. Solving problems in a team
  • Techniques of group decision making
  • Methods of exploration of ideas and their verification
  • Motivate the team - commitment of every employee of the team in solving the problem

In the beginning participants report their issues and problems which they would like to discuss during the training program. Later, we deal with specific scenes which the participants put forward. Pior to this, we discuss the above mentioned issues and scenes with the participants, in order to address the different ways different situations can be solved and we summarize them thtough theory and exercises.

Classes are conducted in an interactive workshop with the possibility of examining individual cases. Workshops are conducted in 12-person groups.

Topics covered in the classes refer to the actual situations that managers face in their daily work.
Before the training, participants fill in a questionnaire diagnosing individual training needs.

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