Negotiation skills training for Dow – EY Academy of Business

Negotiation skills – training for Dow

Course date: March 23-24 2022
Training hours: 7.00 AM – 1.00 PM EST

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Joana Matos

Joana is a trainer and consultant in the field of negotiation and conflict management.

Witold Rychłowski

Since 2004, Witold has delivered over 100 training projects in negotiation, leadership and managerial skills.

Prof. Dr Remigiusz Smoliński

Dr Smoliński is an experienced negotiation scholar and instructor. He has trained thousands of students and executives.

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Zuzanna Stępień

Senior Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Susanna coordinates courses in the area of sales, negotiation and public speaking. She also oversees a series of courses for trainers.