Negotiation skills training for Dow – EY Academy of Business

Negotiation skills – training for Dow

Course date: March 23-24 2022
Training hours: 7.00 AM – 1.00 PM EST

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Joana Matos

Joana is a trainer and consultant in the field of negotiation and conflict management.

Witold Rychłowski

Since 2004, Witold has delivered over 100 training projects in negotiation, leadership and managerial skills.

Prof. Dr Remigiusz Smoliński

Dr Smoliński is an experienced negotiation scholar and instructor. He has trained thousands of students and executives.

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Monika Kacprzykowska

Senior Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Monika is the coordinator of the popular Finance for non-financial Managers course series and takes care of Clients in the SSC/BPO/GDS sector.

Sonia Kaniewska

Senior Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Sonia is the coordinator of training courses for top management.

Karina Kumanikina

Junior Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Karina oversees courses for internal auditors, including the CIA program. She also specializes in organizing courses in strategic management and sustainability/ESG.

Maciej Łaszczyk

Sales and Financial Courses Specialist

Maciej coordinates open training courses and postgraduate studies related to ACCA, as well as accounting and finance.

Natalia Medyńska

Course Projects Coordinator

Natalia is responsible for cooperation with foreign clients. She organizes courses in English, including courses preparing for PMP and PMI ACP certifications. She oversees the offer of courses in controlling as well as analytics and data visualization. Furthermore, Natalia is also the supervisor of the postgraduate program “IFRS in practice”.

Renata Michalak

Course Projects Coordinator

Course coordinator for HR and managerial competencies. Responsible for dedicated training projects and open courses in this area.

Klaudia Pliszka

Course Projects Coordinator

Under Klaudia's care are training courses in IFRS and US GAAP. Klaudia is also responsible for courses for statutory auditors.

Katarzyna Pudelska

Senior Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Kasia is responsible for training courses in the areas of digital transformation and robotization as well as courses for lawyers. She also supervises postgraduate students of International Finance at SGH.

Diana Ryżkowa

Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Diana oversees courses related to the ACCA qualification, including open and e-learning courses. She also oversees the administration of ACCA accounts. Diana is also responsible for graduate and post-graduate studies preparing for the ACCA qualification.

Sabina Sikorska-Suwała

Course Projects Expert

Sabina is a person dedicated to the development of IT and Cybersecurity training offerings within EY Cyber Academy. She also specializes in developing dedicated programs for the specific needs of corporate clients.

Zuzanna Stępień

Sales and Course Organization Specialist

Susanna coordinates courses in the area of sales, negotiation and public speaking. She also oversees a series of courses for trainers.

Adrianna Sykucka

Course Projects Coordinator

Adrianna is responsible for the area of open courses in managerial and personal competencies. She is responsible for planning, marketing and implementing projects. With her work, she also supports the development of the course offer.

Oktawia Wróblewska

Course Projects Expert

Oktawia coordinates training programs in the area of project and process management. She is also responsible for Lean Six Sigma certification at all levels.

Tomasz Jakubiak

Senior Course Sales Specialist

Tomek is involved in selling and organizing in-house training courses in the development of managerial and personal competencies.

Katarzyna Babiarz

Sales and Customer Service Department Manager

Katarzyna coordinates the operations of the sales department. She also oversees projects subject to independence procedures.

Michał Błeszyński

Senior Manager

He combines the role of senior manager and trainer. He is responsible for the management of financial training courses, mainly on IFRS, US GAAP and for auditors, as well as courses in the area of controlling.

Michał Chlebowski

Senior Development and Sales Manager

Michał is responsible for the expansion of course/development service offerings in the areas of managerial and personal competencies, project management, Lean Management and competencies needed to support the business from HR departments. His responsibilities also include complex development projects.

Bartłomiej Dębek

Senior Manager

Bartek works as a senior manager and trainer. He manages training courses preparing for the ACCA qualification as well as the "Finance for non-financial professionals" course series.

Sylwia Kacprzak


Sylwia is responsible for the development of training service offerings as well as consulting and training programs dedicated to senior and top management in the area of leadership, as well as courses in public speaking, media relations and crisis situations. Sylwia's responsibilities also include training programs in sales, customer service and negotiation.

Katarzyna Włodarska

Senior Manager

Katarzyna works as a senior manager and trainer. She is a specialist in internal audit and risk management. Her responsibilities involve managing training courses in internal audit, including courses preparing for the CIA qualification. Katarzyna also oversees courses in the areas of risk management and sustainability/ESG.

Justyna Wyszyńska

Development and Sales Manager

Justyna is responsible for developing the company's training course offerings and expanding its product portfolio into new areas and sectors, including development programs for lawyers and the SSC/BPO sector. In addition, she works on conferences and mentoring programs.