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How to effectively participate in online training

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Online training – whether via live online streaming of training or pre-recorded webinars – has become very popular as it enables participants to obtain the skills they need whenever they need them, wherever they are in the world.

Here are some tips on how you can maximise your participation in online training so that it is as effective as traditional classroom training.

  1. Make sure there are no technical surprises. You can do this by installing one of the more popular and reliable web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari for Macs. To make sure you can fully participate, check your microphone and speaker settings – these are crucial if you want to ask questions and communicate with the trainer during the training session.
  2. Don’t postpone learning until later. Having a routine and a learning rhythm helps keep you mobilized, so it’s important to stick to that as much as possible.
  3. Create a quiet space for work and learning at home – increase concentration levels by removing any distractions: leave your phone on ‘quiet’ mode in a separate room, and make sure you only have the necessary items for your work or study on your desk.
  4. Make sure you’re prepared: do your homework to prepare for the training session and arrive on time, just like with classroom training – this will make it easier for you and other participants to begin the training session on time.
  5. Be active – try to keep up with the trainer leading the session by focusing on what’s happening on screen. Using the chat option makes contact easy: the trainer will have more time to explain or show another example if anything is unclear.
  6. Take regular breaks and follow the trainer’s lead on this: take advantage of any breaks to use the toilet, grab a coffee or even open the window for some fresh air. Breaks are crucial for your brain so that it’s able to continue with learning.
  7. Try to keep in touch with other participants too: even if it’s just to ask ‘How are you doing?’, this helps with keeping everyone motivated and energized, which are crucial for learning.
  8. Keep up with solving exercises and case studies – try to solve these in real time as this makes it easier to focus and to ensure you are using your time most effectively.

At a time when there are so many online tools and solutions for remote working and learning online, there can be no excuses: with online training, you can take full advantage of any of the training courses that you are interested in.

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