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Interpersonal skills that stay with you - here's how!

Our webinar on how to work well with anyone was a great opportunity to show you what we mean by new and proven social skills that work!

We discussed:

  • The importance of the TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE® and how this approach differs to others;
  • Some of the challenges facing leaders and teams in the workplace; and
  • The techniques that can improve your effectiveness in business instantly.

Whereas other approaches might stress the importance of getting to know yourself and working through your own self-perception of your behaviours, TRACOM’s approach is that of a multi-rater. Here, we explain what that is and why it is key to delivering skills that work.

Pre-training: multi-rater feedback. What is it and how do we use it?

When you sign up for our TRACOM workshops, you will receive two types of questionnaire to be completed before the training: one is a self-assessment, and the other is to be emailed to at least 3 (ideally as many as possible) of your colleagues. Your colleagues will be asked to give information on their experience of you.

This might sound scary: after all, who would volunteer to possibly get negative feedback from their colleagues? But the positive thing is that the questionnaire is absolutely not interested in seeing ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feedback about you. Rather, it wants to evaluate which of the four Social Styles you are: driving, expressive, amiable or analytical (more about Social Styles here). This is neither negative nor positive. They simply provide the basis for understanding how you work. This feedback also provides you with an interesting and useful comparison against your own self-assessment.

A view into what makes up Social Style: as you see, no positive or negative styles!

Practical training workshops

Now that you have a full understanding of yourself – based on your self-perception and others’ assessment of their relationship with you at work – you are ready to engage in our practical workshops.

The multi-rater feedback you will have received is a good opportunity to assess how your perception of yourself differs to others’ experience of you! This is a very important basis on which to start a day’s training (divided into two half-day manageable workshops) geared towards developing your Versatility – that is, the key method by which you can increase your effectiveness at work.

Remember, as suggested in our webinar, Social Style is something that does not change: you are found to have a certain Social Style (this is neither negative nor positive). What can vary, and what you can work on, is your Versatility. You might find before the workshops that your Versatility is low. The goal of our training is to give you the tools to increase yours or others’ Versatility and to understand how you can do this to improve yours and others’ effectiveness in your daily working life (more about Versatility here).

After the course: Social Style Navigator

After a life-changing course that transforms the way you think and approach your performance at work, you will want to make sure you do not forget all the valuable lessons and tips learnt. With this unique course, you will gain free access to the Social Style Navigator, which will help you to apply the learning in your everyday work life!

The Social Style Navigator is a unique micro-learning app that you can access on your laptop or mobile and it will help you prepare for specific situations, e.g., that big client meeting coming up or the important presentation to the board that you’ve been dreading.

It has a number of tools that help you navigate your day-to-day working life effectively:

  1. A quick and interactive questionnaire that you can use to estimate another person’s Style, so that you are fully prepared for effective interactions with colleagues and clients by answering just a few simple questions.
  2. A real-time Style advisor helps you determine the best course of action depending on the specific situation and the Styles involved.
  3. An e-learning library helps you keep up to date with your skills and knowledge. All these fantastic resources are available for free after your training!

Your versatility is something that you can keep improving – indeed, you must keep improving it for improved effectiveness! – and this tool helps you keep implementing the right skills and know-how to your objectives.

Ensuring practical training

Effective Skills for Leaders and Teams is an exciting course because it so fully subscribes to our objectives at the EY Academy to provide practical training that stays with you in the workplace.

It introduces you to a methodology that truly works because it begins with you! Once you have an appreciation of your Social Style, you are ready to tackle the steps that increase your interpersonal effectiveness immediately.

We hope to meet you soon at our workshops to help you develop the skills you need to excel!