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Wisława  Grabarczyk-Kostka

Wisława Grabarczyk-Kostka

My professional mission is to support the development of people in organisations and to optimise their functioning. I combine psychological knowledge with a systemic view of a business.
My professional mission is to support the development of people in organisations and to optimise their functioning. I combine psychological knowledge with a systemic view of a business.

Trainer and coach associated with EY Academy of Business since 2010.

She graduated in psychology from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and then obtained a first-degree diploma in clinical specialisation at the UAM. For the first 10 years of her career she worked as a clinician and psychotherapist.

Already as a business coach, she obtained a certificate of Master Practitioner of NLP and completed postgraduate studies in HR management at the WSB. She completed numerous courses in motivation, management, coaching, as well as multistage training in Organisational Transactional Analysis conducted by trainers of EATA (European Association of Transactional Analysis), of which she is an active member.

She conducts competence assessments using the Assessment and Development Centre methods, as well as coaching developing managerial and expert competences. She analyses culture and climate in organisations, which constitutes a basis for designing development programmes for companies from a systemic point of view. She conducts training courses, lectures and training in the whole area of business psychology and personal development, as well as integration activities for teams under construction or in conflict. She often acts as a project manager and HR process supervisor, working according to her own methodology.

A large part of Wisia's life is occupied by music and making music – she practices chamber choir music, singing in early music and church music ensembles. She is passionate about co-creating the beauty of sound, where the group is the material – active, attentive, cooperating and harmonising – there is a lot to learn from it.

Example projects
1. Since 1991, she has been working with the REBIS Publishing House as a translator, substantive editor and reviewer of psychological and business series.
2. Co-creator and lecturer of Management Studies at the WSB in Chorzów and of Family Assistant Studies at Collegium Da Vinci (formerly WSNHiD) in Poznan.
3. Creation of an original method for testing professional preferences and predispositions for the Polish Chamber of Commerce and the WSB in Poznan; training of advisers in the use of this method.
4. Conducting Development Centre and individual coaching for the managerial staff of the following companies and institutions (some of them in English): Libet, Amadeus, Imperial Tobacco Poland, Storck, Synthos, Bayer, PKP, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jeronimo, Collian Jutrzenka, BZWBK.
5. Execution of a strategic HR project for Lafarge (total of 140 managers and sales representatives) – creation of a competence management system, competence survey, staff development and relocation.

Courses conducted at EY Academy of Business:
  • Assessor's Academy
  • Wellbeing in an Organisation
  • I Will Be a Manager
  • Modern Feedback
  • Stress Management
  • Tools of Transactional Analysis (AT) In an Organisation
  • Non-Financial Motivation
  • Manager of the Future – Self-Development Workshop
  • Assertiveness Training

What are the course participants saying?
  • "Builds an atmosphere of trust"
  • "Very competent, friendly, with a lot of knowledge"
  • "Lots of interesting examples translated into corporate reality"
  • "Comprehensively answers participants' questions"
  • "Gives a lot of cool examples from everyday life"