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ACCA – how to prepare for the Financial Reporting exam?


ACCA – how to prepare for the Financial Reporting exam?

ACCA exams made fun:

Are you preparing for ACCA exams? Were you not quite successful at your last sitting? Do you feel demotivated and need an incentive to get back to passing your exams? Maybe you want to be well prepared this time and not waste money on the next try? Or perhaps you got your exemptions and have not even started taking the ACCA exams?

Please join us for our next free webinar on how to prepare for ACCA exams. We will focus on the Financial Reporting exam, on how to efficiently and effectively gain the required knowledge and skills and to pass on your first attempt. You will see how our training methodology makes even complex matters simple and straightforward. Our tried and tested approach ensures that the skills gained stay with you not only for the exam but also in helping you to excel in your financial reporting or managing role.

Register now and enhance your chances of passing the Financial Reporting exam. In this free webinar, you will experience:

  • one exam topic presented by our trainer
  • how to approach a sample exam question
  • how to solve cases step-by-step and not miss the crucial bits
  • how to ensure you collect the “easy marks” first before you attempt the more challenging parts of the question
  • what to do when you see that something is wrong but…. you cannot find the mistake
  • what details you should pay attention to so that you do not lose “easy marks” unnecessarily

For whom?

This free webinar is for any future ACCA member, who wants to pass their Financial Reporting exam on their first attempt.

We also invite you to learn about our offer of courses preparing for the ACCA exam.

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