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Do you feel confused by the budgeting process? Would you benefit from having a clear and practical understanding of your and your department’s role in this process?

Make a start with our FREE email course. See how our tried, tested and loved training methodologies will help you understand the budgeting process and transform your planning and company finances.

What you will learn during this email course:

  • What’s the difference between a budget and a budgetary process?
  • What makes up a budget? How do pricing, overheads, sales volume fit in?
  • What are the different ways of formulating a budgetary system?
  • Sales forecasts: how do you make sure you get the right estimates?
  • Monitoring your outputs and how can Variance Analysis help in this?

Practical, real-life examples and case studies to help you understand how you can master the process and transform your planning and company finances.

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Who is this course led by?

This course has been designed by our training team, all of whom are experts in their fields and in training, with many years’ experience.

Why you should take this course?

You need contextual understanding to improve your own financial planning

You want an introductory but critical understanding of what a budget is made up of and how it works

You want to be on top of the tricky jargon: variance, overheads, forecasts...

You’re looking for new and effective ways to understand and do Budgeting – if you like this course, you might want to enrol for our Finance in Business course (in English or Polish), based on the same training methodology and with full tutor interaction!

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