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Management Skills - Courses in English

Practical and hands-on management skills training that enables you to shape your personal development and apply new skills immediately at work. Whether you are a team member looking for tools to help your effectiveness in business or a manager wanting to improve your performance, or even an HR Manager that wants solutions that help their teams, our expert trainers at the EY Academy of Business can help.

From providing a primer on Polish Employment Law for managers and HR teams managing a workforce in Poland, through to comprehensive training in effective techniques in contract negotiations (Negotiation Skills), we provide practical training that is relevant and useful to your working life.

The Leadership Academy helps modern leaders understand how to best manage their teams as well as create space for their own personal development. During our hands-on workshops on Effective Social Skills for Leaders and Teams, participants learn practically how to improve their effectiveness in business – based on the innovative TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE approach. Training in Stress Management addresses a common concern for many professionals who are looking for stress management strategies.

In Managing Diversity and Inclusion, we tackle the modern challenge of diversity through storytelling, equipping managers with the tools they need to tackle the expectations and requirements of diversity.

All courses in English are delivered online, so you can join wherever you are in the world. Please ask us for our corporate group rates and about organising our courses in-house – we will be happy to discuss your needs and to accommodate our courses to your timezone.