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Leasing - IFRS 16 - new approach towards IFRS, taxation and law


The main objective of the course is to  familiarize participants with the latest changes to IFRS accounting, tax and legal regulations in the field of leasing. After many months of work and consultation IASB decided to publish an update regarding leasing(according to the plan ofthe first half of 2013). Changes in the existing rules were implemented. affecting key financial indicators for both lessors as well as lessees .

During the first day of training we will disucss the latest proposals for change, an analysis of their impact on the financial position and business implications. At the same time, a comprehensive evaluation of lease contracts is not possible without taking into account the tax and legal aspects. This subject will be addressed during the second day of training.

  • For whom?
  • Objectives and advantages
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For whom? 

The training is addressed to all persons interested in accounting changes in terms of leasing, their impact on the financial situation as well as legal and tax aspects. We address our training, among others, to:

  • A wide range of employees of leasing companies responsible for reporting, financial management, shaping leasing products, legal and tax aspects;
  • Financial directors, chief accountants and employees of finance departments responsible for settling leasing contracts;
  • Financial controllers and controlling services;
  • Statutory auditors wanting to develop their skills regarding leasing issues;
  • Tax department employees.

Objectives and advantages

The purpose of this training is to familiarize participants with the latest changes in IFRS, tax and legal regulations in the field of leasing. 

  • The training has a workshop character: it combines various techniques of trainer presentation with the participants' own work.
  • Intensive and practical: each of the rules is richly illustrated with numerical examples.
  • Includes recent IFRS changes.
  • A comprehensive approach to the topic: discussion of issues in 3 aspects (accounting, legal and tax).
  • Classes are conducted by trainers with many years of practical experience.


  • Basic concepts: definition of a leasing contract, asset identification, right to direct the use
  • Practical problems in determining whether a contract includes a lease:
    • Right to underground parts of the land
    • Transport contracts
    • Right of perpetual usufruct of land
  • The date of signing the contract and the start date of the lease
  • Agreements for an indefinite period
  • Updating the lease term
  • Variable lease payments
  • Choosing an appropriate discount rate
  • Modifications to lease agreements
  • Leasing in foreign currencies
  • VAT not deductible
  • Deferred tax on assets and lease liabilities


Participants receive a full package of training materials. Due to the wide context of the issues presented, the materials are not only used in class, but also allow you to return to the topics discussed after the training to repeat and consolidate the acquired knowledge. The materials are richly illustrated with practical examples to better assimilate the issues discussed.


In addition, we offer the option of purchasing access to the Tax and Legal Session.

Date and location

  • December 8, 2021 | Warszawa or Online Live
  • at 1:15 pm - 4:30 pm
Price 590.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Aleksandra Trych | tel. +48 505 171 636 |

Educational points

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) - our trainings meet the requirements of international professional organizations (ACCA, IIA) regarding the further education of their members.