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Project Management Certification

Certified Project Manager of the EY Academy of Business

The programme starts on 22 February 2021
The course will be led in Polish
An advanced training programme complete with an exam certifying comprehensive qualifications in the area of Project Management: Certified Project Manager/Executive of the EY Academy of Business.
  • The course consists of a wide range of Project Management methodologies, a portfolio of best practice tools and recommended solutions for Project Team Members.
  • Participants will familiarise themselves with the prevalent Project Management standards worldwide: PMI, Prince2, CCPM, Agile, Thinking Tools as well as hybrid solutions.
  • The programme includes ten topic modules and encompasses a wide scope of knowledge and skills.
  • Participants will learn to choose from different approaches to project management depending on the kind of planned and implemented project and its goals.
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  • Objectives and advantages
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For whom?

This course is designed for:

  • Project Managers and Project Team Leaders
  • Management Directors and PMO staff
  • Project Team Members and anybody interested in developing specialist competencies related to Project Management

Objectives and Advantages

Having completed the Programme, participants will be able to:

  • Manage a project on their own regardless of the project scale and complexity
  • Effectively manage project tasks
  • Implement schedules according to the assumed deadlines and budgets
  • Use advanced project tools
  • Choose a style to lead the Project Team depending on the assumed Project Management method
  • Organise effective meetings of the Project Team
  • Prepare and supervise projects using the CCPM method
  • Eestimate project cost and income using different methods and indices
  • Implement Agile Project Management
  • Manage projects using the KANBAN method
  • Build a Project Office
  • Use Thinking Tools to close projects and create innovative products and services


  • Planning and scheduling projects
  • Risk, budgeting and finance managment in projects
    • Day 1 - Risk management
    • Day 2 - Budget, financial supervision and closing the project
  • Managing group projects 
  • Project supervision - network methods
    • Day 1 - Classic method - Prince2
    • Day 2 - Critical chain - CCPM
  • Managing the KANBAN task flow
  • Introduction to Agile Project Management
  • Thinking Tools ToC
  • Supervision of project realisation 
  • Managing a portfolio of projects 
  • Agile project managment
  • Thinking Tools SIT
E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Oktawia Kuruś, +48 517 882 348