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Tangible fixed assets

20 October 2021 | Warszawa or Online Live
at 9: 00-12: 15
Price: PLN 590 net
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For whom

The program is intended for accountants, chief accountants, controllers and finance directors who wish to understand, interpret and apply IFRS.
The course program assumes knowledge of basic accounting procedures and the principle of double entry. Knowledge of accounting standards is not required.

Goals and Benefits

  • Acquiring the ability to apply the International Financial Reporting Standards in practice
  • Understanding the possibilities of shaping the accounting policy in accordance with IFRS and the impact of selected policies on the financial statements
  • Familiarizing people analyzing and preparing financial statements with the current updates and the requirements of IFRS


Tangible fixed assets

  • Initial recognition of tangible fixed assets: costs that are subject to activation under initial recognition (purchase price, manufacturing costs, costs related to the removal of an asset at the end of its economic life)
  • Definition of the amount to be depreciated; various methods of accounting depreciation: linear, declining balance, sum of digits, units of production
  • Component depreciation
  • Valuation models after initial recognition: historical cost and revalued amount
  • Accounting for revaluation and sale of property, plant and equipment
  • Changes in depreciation methods and the economic useful life of fixed assets
  • Presentation and additional information on property, plant and equipment
Borrowing costs
  • Definition of borrowing costs
  • Method of recognizing borrowing costs. Overview of IAS 23
  • Significant issues related to the application of the capitalization method: assets for which the financial cost can be capitalized, period of capitalization, rate of capitalization

Date and place

20 October 2021 | Warszawa or Online Live
at 9: 00-12: 15
Price: PLN 590 net


Artem Kovtun, ACCA
Artem conducts training in the field of IFRS and training for selected ACCA exams.
He is a graduate of the Kiev National University of Economics. Wadym Hetman in Kiev. He is a member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).
He started his financial career as an auditor at EY, where he specialized in auditing financial statements of companies from the real estate, service, commercial and telecommunications sectors. Currently, he is the financial controller of a real estate group in the Central and Eastern European markets.
His main area of professional interest is capital group cash flow management, US GAAP financial reporting and real estate market development.
Price 590.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
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