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Digital Future of the SSC


Digital Future of the SSC

Digital transformation and robotization of processes are terms that have been with us for years.

Everyone knows this is the way, and what’s more, few are willing to admit that they are not following it. However, we still observe that the pace and effects of digital transformation can vary from one organization to another.

We will share our experiences and provide you with some conclusions from our own observations on not only how to implement process automation, but also and foremost how to realize the expected benefits in the assumed time perspective.

After the webinar, the participant will know the answers to the questions:

  • What are the stages and the four streams of the digital revolution in SSC?
  • How to properly prepare processes for robotic automation?
  • How to prepare organizational structure and employee competencies for digital changes?
  • What tools to choose and how to implement mechanisms for continuous quality changes in processes?
  • How to choose business processes and platforms for robotization?
  • How to define a team for robotization and how to integrate robots into operational teams?
  • How to manage an extended robotic environment?
  • How to start implementing advanced hyper-automation technologies – OCR, Machine Learning, Chatbots?

Meeting Agenda:

  • Roadmap of the digital revolution
  • Preparation and selection of processes for transformation
  • Which competencies do we need for transformation?
  • Analysis of standardization in processes and readiness for automation
  • The way to effectively scale digital transformation – example of Danone
  • Hyper-automation technologies supporting digital transformation

The meeting will be hosted by
Konrad Jakubiec – 
Trainer at EY Academy of Business. Konrad has been developing business and product lines related to business process automation for years. Currently, he is responsible for the development of the Intelligent Process Automation business line at Mindbox, where by combining technologies from the areas of robotics, OCR, ML and solutions compatible with ERP systems, installations are created that comprehensively automate processes and streamline the functioning of support departments, such as finance, accounting, logistics, customer service support, etc. Before joining Mindbox, he was involved in the RPA and automation industry as a co-founder and board member of Digital Teammates, where he co-created an innovative business model allowing for the complete outsourcing of automation. Konrad actively shares his knowledge and experience in the educational sphere – he is one of the founders of a new course: Automation of Business Processes at the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz – it is the first such undergraduate course in Poland. Konrad is also a member of the Program Board of Intelligent Technology Mixer Center.

Read feedback from our participants:

  • This is a great presentation – Thank you!
  • Thank you – this was a great high-level presentation, lots to work with here, love to hear more!
  • Thank you very much! Awesome presentation!
  • That would be great!
  • Thanks a lot!

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