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IFRS, Internal Audit, Financial Management and Soft Skills

Client needs

The entire finance function of around 250 people, including our client’s internal audit function, was looking for ideas, assistance and resources in talent training to meet the challenges of the modern world. Any investment in these areas was to be cost-effective.

The course was to be divided into modules and was to cover approximately 10 months per group of participants and take place every year.

Our solution

EY Academy of Business developed a specific programme in IFRS, financial management and analysis, internal audit as well as relevant soft skills. The programme was structured in such a way that participants could progress through it in a methodical way to help their career development.

The methodology was based on an interactive and practical training course based on real case studies and adapted to the needs of each group of participants.

The materials developed were not only rich in content but also designed for self-study, containing key learning points, summaries, illustrations and examples as well as full case study solutions. Progress tests ensured that knowledge and skills were assimilated and participants could use these materials as a reference during and after the courses.

The final exam concluded with participants receiving the EY AoB Diploma in Finance.

We have 10 years of experience in providing such high-quality services, tailored to the individual needs of our Clients.