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Manager's authority - key to internal and external customers relations


  • Systematization of knowledge: behavior, skills, beliefs and values ​​necessary to be an authority 
  • Improving skills: self-presentation, of a conversation, coping with psychological games 
  • Training behaviors and skills and formulate beliefs and values ​​as an authority 
  • Improving effective tools to engage themselves and others to enthusiastic action 
  • Broaden awareness of its resources in building effective cooperation with customers both inside and outside the organization 


  • Increasing competence in building effective customer contact internally and externally. 
  • Understanding the tools of effective collaboration with internal and external customers. 
  • Increasing self-consciousness about being an authority. 
  • The ability to select appropriate way to motivate employees. 
  • Increasing the coherence of its action. 
  • Exchange of experience in training managers.

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