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ACCA Professional

Kozminski University Postgraduate Studies
in cooperation with EY Academy of Business

About the studies

The aim of the program is to equip participants with necessary skills for professionals in modern organization management. Listeners will gain highly valued knowledge needed in business decision making processes, that affect the company's future, regardless of industry and location.

The ACCA qualifications contain all these elements and are widely recognized in the international environment.

For whom?

The ACCA Professional program is intended for those who want to achieve a high professional position in any of their areas of interest.
Classes during studies will be held in English, therefore Candidates for studies should use English at a minimum level of C1

Conditions of completion of studies

The condition for completing the studies is to include all content contained during studies. Exams take place at the end of each block. Additionally, the activity of students during the class is required. For each block the lecturer defines the scope of material constituting the student's own work.


After graduation, the students will be well prepared to pass the real ACCA* exams on the Professional level with a good result the first sitting. ACCA is a prestigious professional qualification, sponsored by the British Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.
*In order to take the exam, the participant must be registered on the portal, pay the examination fees directly in the ACCA and get exemptions or pass exams from the lower levels of this qualification.

This qualification opens the door to a career in finance and accounting in such positions:
  • financial controller
  • financial manager
  • reporting manager
  • financial director and many others
Skills acquired during studies are also used in non-financial positions, e.g. HR, marketing.

Participants will learn how to effectively communicate with colleagues, supervisors, management boards and owners to develop good solutions and use compact and meaningful presentations as well as strong arguments built on the basis of professional analysis of the organization. They will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to apply in their daily work and business development. 
The studies covers issues necessary to understand and manage finances in an enterprise of any type and size.

By participating in the ACCA Professional studies, students will receive a unique opportunity to work in a group and to motivate each other in learning, making new contacts and working directly with the trainer, as well as assuming appropriate commitment and good preparation for the exams.

All classes are conducted in English by experienced EY Academy of Business trainers. During the course, students not only receive professional knowledge, but also learn to apply it in practice. Coaches also teach the best exam techniques, which helps to plan time well during the exam.

An additional benefit is the improvement of business English.

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