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Academy for Managers

Classes are conducted in the form of an interactive workshop with the possibility of examining individual cases. Before the training, we use a survey to get more information about expectations regarding the topic. We will search for possibilities of using knowledge and skills in participant's professional life.

Objectives and benefits of taking part in the program

  • Acquisition of the ability to build your own authority through building reliable communications
  • Understanding the principles of assertive communication and managing emotions during a difficult conversation
  • Improving management skills and relations in the team
  • Experience your strengths and weaknesses in managing difficult situations
  • Increased flexibility in the application of procedures and methods of working in team
  • Mastering the skills of delegating tasks
  • Acquisition of own leadership style
  • Strengthening the creative potential in the team
  • Increasing the efficiency of your  work through the usage of selected management techniques.

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