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Finance for managers, also for financials

We offer intensive and practical training. During the workshops can be organized to meet the issues in such areas as finance and taxation law. We combine given issues while maintaining order and professionalism. The programs all courses are based on case studies (case studies) and conducted by experts with many years of professional experience.

For who?

Individual trainings are designed for specific target groups. Most are managers, negotiators, financial analysts, tax advisors and other persons for whom it is important to the ability of persuasion and awareness of the actions undertaken.

How does the course look like?

Our course aims to train and develop skills wand we achieve this objective through illustrated and practical lectures. Part of the workshop involves the use of video cameras, allowing for analysis and evaluation tasks, eg in conducting business talks. Classes are based primarily on educating exercises skills useful in accomplishing specific tasks in work related to the legal industry - financial.

Among the above methods, we use simulation games and case studies conducted during workshops in groups.


During the workshops devoted to finance, the participants become familiar with the analysis of the impact of particular transactions and events on selected elements of the financial statements. In addition, management accounting mastered the use of MS Excel and the tools to communicate effectively with colleagues and representatives of other departments. Learn the principles of financial accounting in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


The law is the basis for the functioning of the economic life, which is why we introduce our participants the issues related to the conclusion of contracts and basic aspects of the law to facilitate the operation of the business and private life.


Classes focus on the field, they are taxes. Training will help you move in the areas of financial accounting, differ from the most commonly used rules for tax accounting purposes. In addition, you can take part in a specially prepared training in the field of VAT. Teacher workshops, taking into account practical issues, will present the changes that have occurred in recent times. Do not run out of topics related to, among others, of case law and interpretations of tax Ministry of Finance. In addition, there are also provided - essential for entrepreneurs - workshops on transfer pricing.

Why choose Academy of Business courses?

Our courses allow you to develop the ability to use theory in practice, help translate specific knowledge of the precise and effective action. We believe that the acquisition of competences having the desired effects. Academy of Business courses are taught by professionals with many years of training. With a high degree of professionalism they bring participants in subsequent issues.