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 Communication with the focus on cooperation


Improve knowledge about the team, its construction, operation
Education of behavior conducive to team work
Developing skills to build an effective team
Education of behavior conducive to good communication in a relationship postponed - employee, boss - team


Participants in the training will:

learn what cooperation between team members is
know what elements to consider when communicating with others
• learn to use the most important communication techniques
• learn to apply the solution to the conflict based on cooperation

Who is this training for?

For employees as well as managers who wish to develop and improve their ability to communicate with others.


1 Cooperation in a team

Basics of good cooperation
Characteristics of good and bad teams
• Distinction of behavior which aids the implementation of tasks in a team
• Distinction of behavior that hinder the proper functioning of the team

2 Basics communicate effectively in a group

• The knowledge about interpersonal communication
The importance of communication in maintaining relationships with others
Barriers and ease in communication

3 Development of basic communication skills

The ability to ask questions, paraphrasing, explaining
Expressing understanding
• Principles of expressing praise
• Principles of expressing positive criticism
Expressing ratings
Commissioning and enforcement tasks

4 Dealing with conflict situations

• What is conflict?
Methods for resolving conflicts - avoiding, yielding, fight, compromise, cooperation
• Solution focused on cooperation

5 Building the ability to create positive relationships with other employees

• Individual predispositions and preferences in communication
• awareness and build their own strategies to communicate with co-workers

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