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Strategic competitive intelligence

  • Competitive intelligence leading to competitive advantage

  • Worldwide standards of providing operational, tactical and strategic competitive intelligence

Contemporary competitive intelligence is no longer intelligence solely focussed on competitors. It is intelligence that enhances the competitiveness of the company in the increasingly tough markets.

In the era of technology, gathering information is no longer a challenge. What has become a challenge, however, is getting the meaning of the flow of information and translating it into market success.

Competitive intelligence performed in a legal and ethical manner provides top executives with recommendation regarding strategic decisions in the future. It is a consistent estimate of the future competitive situation provided just to achieve one important goal, to overtake the rivals and to gain or strengthen the competitive advantage.

Competitive intelligence may be provided ad hoc for the need of making strategic decisions, i.e., new product lunch, entering a new market, taking over another company. It may be also provided on a consistent basis in order to identify market opportunities and to protect against threats resulting from change in the closer and remote competitive environments.

  • Leading companies from many industries have internal competitive intelligence units and deploy them not only for identifying opportunities and market trends, but also for protecting against threats and changes that may occur in the markets  
  • Competitive intelligence differs from industrial espionage as competitor analysts comply with legal and ethical standards
  • Competitive intelligence professionals closely cooperate with top executives offering recommendations to support decision making processes on all levels: operational, tactical and strategic
  • Best competitive intelligence professionals have the skills, i.e., using the appropriate sources of information, a wide range of analytical tools, critical thinking and analytical courage, communication and supporting recommendations  

Course objectives

  • Sharing knowledge about a wide range of sources of information and analytical methods deployed in competitive intelligence according to the worldwide standards
  • Developing the Participants’ skills to carry out competitive intelligence projects and tasks on their own
  • Preparing to the commencement of work to create a competitive intelligence unit in the Participant’s company

Your benefits

  • Workshop offers a comprehensive approach to competitive intelligence
  • Having completed the workshop the Participants can carry out their own intelligence and analytical projects

Recommended for

  • General Mangers who would like to enhance the competitiveness of their companies in tough markets
  • Board members supervising tasks in the scope of competitive intelligence
  • Managers responsible for competitive intelligence teams and programs  in companies
  • Professionals responsible for specific tasks in the scope of competitive intelligence  
  • Employees in sales and business development departments who would like to use analysis and competitive intelligence to increase sales
  • Employees in marketing departments and public relations departments who would like to build effective campaigns also relying on competitive intelligence
  • Employees in strategy and analysis departments who would like to enrich their competencies regarding competitive intelligence
  • Individuals with a task of providing competitive intelligence on a one-time basis
  • Individuals interested in competitive intelligence

Course programme

  • Contemporary competitive intelligence
  • Benefits from providing competitive intelligence          
  • Effective use of the intelligence cycle
  • Mistakes and the ways of avoiding them
  • Publically available sources used by competitive intelligence   
  • Methods of using personal sources of information in competitive intelligence
  • Driving forces of competitiveness, main competitive strategies of companies 
  • Basic methods of analysis: PESTEL, 5 FORCES, profiles of competitors, SWOT, assessment of the influence of trends, principles of strategies, map of strategic groups
  • Advanced analytical methods: scenario methods, early warning system, win/loss analysis, wargaming strategic simulations
  • Structure and managing of a competitive intelligence unit

Learn how to: define, gather, analyse and distribute information about products, clients, competitors and other aspects of the external business environment of the company necessary for making the right strategic, operational and tactic decisions.  


  • Workshop is intensive, practical and interactive. We work using concrete cases and from the beginning we involve the Participants in the training process through discussion and exercises.
  • Networking between the Participants additionally strengthens the learning process. At the beginning of the classes the Participants briefly introduce themselves and in the course of the workshop they share knowledge. 
  • Difficult issues are explained in a friendly and clear manner for all Participants.


Workshop is provided by a highly qualified expert, with many years of practical and training experience. Trainer leads the team of strategic market intelligence in the Polish branch of EY and realizes intelligence projects for the top management. The trainer provides training, lectures and conference presentations in Europe, the USA, the Gulf. For several years Head of the Polish branch of SCIP. Highly assessed by Participants of workshops.

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