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Digital transformation SSC

How to prepare processes and employees for technological change

The training was created as a result of many conversations with our customers from Shared Services Centres and is prepared specifically for the needs of the SSC sector.
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  • Objectives and advantages
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For whom?

  • Senior managers and persons responsible for quality
  • Persons responsible for transformation
  • SSC Team Leaders
  • Anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge of the broadly understood transformation in the SSC sector

Objectives and advantages

After completing this module you will be able to answer the following questions:
  • Where to start the digital revolution in SSC and what are the next steps to be made and resources needed?
  • How to properly prepare processes for automation and robotization and how to manage them in the digital era?
  • How to conduct transformations in the changing environment, transitions of businesses and SSC processes?
  • How to digitalize data and documents and analyse large data sets using statistical tools?
  • How to manage a change in a complex structure of IT systems?
  • How to design the implementation process of new IT solutions, from the BR and FS identification, through design, delivery and supplier management and testing?
  • How to prepare the system architecture and SSC technical infrastructure for the upcoming changes?
  • How to choose a robotics platform?
  • How to define a robotization team and how to incorporate robots in the operational teams?
  • How to manage extensive robotic environments?
  • In what areas of AP, AR, GL, Controlling, Masterdata processes can robots be used?
  • How to incorporate AI into automation and robotization?
  • How to mentally prepare SSC employees for digital change – new competences in teams?


  • Roadmap of digital revolution in Shared Services Centres
  • How to prepare the SSC processes for digital transformation?
  • Preparing employees and the SSC structures for transformation
  • How to create a Digital Competency Profile in SSC teams?
  • Digitalizing data and documents
  • Big Data Analysis – management and statistical analysis of large data sets
  • SSC system architecture, the future of ERP and JIDOKA IT systems
  • Solution Delivery Process – the process of implementing changes into IT systems
  • Cloud solutions and their limitations
  • IT democratization and its impact on the services centres’ work
  • RPA – platforms, organizing teams and robotic processes in SSC
  • Robot orchestration and hybrid teams
  • Low Coding, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence in the SSC processes (SSC AI) – how others do it? Business examples

Date and place

16 February 2022 | Online Live

Price 1050.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
E-mail the Course Co-ordinator


Monika Kacprzykowska | +48 789 407 575 |