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IFRS Update - course in English

14 December 2021 | Online Live
Time: 9.00-13.30
Price: 150 Euro net

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The course aims to provide an update on recent developments in IFRSs.
Through case studies, we give practical guidance on and resolve difficult issues companies may face in preparing/analyzing financial statements under IFRS.
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Who for?

  • This training course is addressed to those responsible for preparing and analysing financial statements under IFRS.
  • It is intended for people who already have knowledge of international standards and need to updatethis knowledge, especially due to new or amended standards introduced in the last two years.


The course aims to:

  • Provide an update on recent developments in IFRSs;
  • Give practical guidance on and resolve difficult issues companies may face in preparing/analysing financial statements under IFRS.


IFRS and IC updates
The IASB continuously amends Standards and Interpretations and some of these modifications are smaller in scope, referred to as agenda decisions by the IFRS Interpretations Committee. We will look into the latest and most important of these modifications. Below is a selection of the topics we will cover.
  • The Exposure Draft (ED) on General Presentation and Disclosure on the proposed revised format of financial statements under IFRS
  • The proposed revision to the treatment of goodwill and the annual impairment test
  • COVID 19 rent concessions as they apply to modification of leases under IFRS 16: Leases
  • Other issues that are discussed by the IASB and IFRs Interpretation Committee
  • The role of agenda decisions in applying IFRS
  • The new definition of a business under IFRS 3 and how this impacts the preparation of consolidated accounts
  • Interest Rate Benchmark Reform – the impact of the phasing out of LIBOR on IFRS 9
The Impact of the Pandemic on financial reporting under IFRS. A discussion of some of the issues that have arisen resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic.

Course methodology

  • This is a one-day course, which will comprise a mixture of lectures, questions and answer sessions, practical exercises and illustrations. Delegates will receive full course notes in English
  • Training will be conducted in English
  • This is an ONLINE LIVE training programme with the following features:
    • Classroom effect’ so that everyone knows who the other participants are and can communicate with them and tutor via chat;
    • Sharing screens so that participants can view the trainer’s screen and work together with them in real time;
    • Possibility to communicate via audio with small groups or when the trainer allows;
    • Downloadable materials all in one location, printable;
    • Surveys, polls, MCQs and open questions during the training: responses broadcast in real time (under the trainer’s control);
    • CPD certificates issued to participants.


All participants will be given course materials which include:
  • Summaries of the IFRS standards governing the issues included in the programme 
  • Case Studies with solutions
The above materials are for use during the course and, more importantly, as a reference for participants in their day-to-day work.

Date: 14 December 2021

Our training days run from 9:00am to 13:30pm.

Price: 150 Euro net

This is an ONLINE LIVE course - join us wherever you are in the world!

The Trainer: Brian Connolly, FCA, ACMA

Brian is an expert trainer with the EY Academy of Business and lectures in US GAAPACCA and the International Finance Postgraduate Studies programme. He has co authored the 12 day EY Diploma in IFRS programme.

Brian graduated from University College Dublin in Ireland. He is professionally qualified with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland (ACA), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA) and the Institute of Taxation in Ireland (AITI). He has trained clients in many countries, including Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE.

E-mail the Course Co-ordinator

Client Relations Officer

Aleksandra Trych

+48 505 171 636

Please ask me about our corporate rates and about organising this course in-house - I will be happy to discuss your needs and accommodate this course to your timezone. 

Participants will receive 7 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) credit hours.

Our courses fulfil the requirements of the professional development schemes of international professional bodies such as ACCA, IIA, PMI®, etc.