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Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory

Introduction to the 4th indutrial revolution

Fact of the 4th industrial revolution is becoming more apparent now, then ever. Are we ready for it and what new challenges will we face?

  • We live in times when the amount of collected data is bigger than ever
  • The 3rd industrial revolution gave automatization to selected processes. But indutry changed and we along with it. People learned to use collected data to link processes and machines together and give a new view on client and product needs.
  • The 4th indutrial revolution lets us connect multiple machines together to crate a digitized ecosystem and integrate a stream of values in multiple forms. It also speeds up automatization of processes and implementing robots in workspaces on mass scale.
  • The wide spread of mobile communication gives us ability to transfer data. Because of that we can use machines to crate internet of things (IoT).

The course will be led in Polish

If you are interested in courses of similar nature, please contact:

Oktawia Kuruś

tel. +48 517 882 348

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Targert group

Programme is targeted towards:

  • Managers responsible for management of companies, areas and departments
  • LEAN Managers and Leaders, other people responsible for realizations of company's strategy
  • People implementing or looking to imlement effective operational tools


  • Gaining knowlege and skills necessary to prepare a company for the 4th industrial revolution
  • Knowing 7 key areas which will be most affected by the 4th industrial revolution
  • Being aware of upcoming changes


  • Digital revolution
  • History of past revolutions from 1 to 3 - different vision and different needs
  • Indutry 4.0 and how its different from industries before
  • Smart Factory - what is it and how to build it
  • Intelligent products - what are they and how to create them
  • Big 9 of Indutry 4.0
  • Role of ERP/MES/APS/CMMS and data clouds. Connecting processes
  • Indutry 4.0: digitalization, elasticity, expense efectivness and information. Make to Order production
  • Planing processes and products - difference between reality and virtuality
  • Planing products and the chain of supply. Logistics 4.0
  • Competence Managment in Industry 4.0
  • Indentification and quality of products in Industry 4.0 and what clients await
  • Running a Smart Factory 
  • Designing a Smart Factory for Industry 4.0 - needs and necessities
  • Collecting Data - Big Data - analizing data and implementing it into processes
  • Indutry 4.0 - key concepts - Cyber Phisical System and IoT
  • Key assumptions of Industry 4.0 - Client and Smart Factory
  • Effects of Industry 4.0 for business/environment/people
  • Data security in Industry 4.0
  • Lean 4.0 and People 5.0
  • Digital neurosystem working in real-time
  • Examples of solutions in Industry 4.0 - Poland, Europe and World (USA and Japan)
  • Impact of Industry 4.0 on people and the environment - economic and business impact
  • 10 Key skills important in Industry 4.0
  • Case study

It is possible to organise “in company” training at customers’ individual request. As programme co-ordinator, Oktawia Kuruś for more information.

Price 975.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)

Oktawia Kuruś

tel. +48 517 882 348

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