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Knowledge management

This course is currently delivered in Polish - please contact us to request in-house training or the same course in English.

Knowledge is a key resource for any organization and knowledge management is a deciding factor in a company’s market success. Structured knowledge management is a system of multidisciplinary actions oriented towards effective use of knowledge resources in order to achieve business objectives. 

Course objectives

  • To present a wide range of different knowledge management techniques (more than 60) oriented for acquiring, localizing, creating, transferring, using and retaining corporate knowledge. 
  • Analysis of real case studies and solving problems related to situations – based on carefully selected case studies (more than 30) related to processes-related, culture-related, technology-related and strategic aspects of knowledge management.
  • To introduce skills for preparing a knowledge management strategy in an organization.
  • Prepare participants to assess the state of knowledge management in organizations.
  • Enable participants to improve knowledge management in an organization — whether in the form of selected knowledge management techniques or comprehensive company-wide knowledge management program.

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