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Lean & ToC Programme

Certification Lean ToC Green Belt

Practical and prestigious certification program Lean Management in conjunction with ToC (ang. ToC Theory of Constraints)
  • Lean Six Sigma Diploma Black Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Diploma Green Belt
  • Lean Six Sigma Diploma Practitioner

Lean Management approach is the concept of process management, currently used by most of the leading multinationals, which allows you to build and gain a competitive advantage, ensures increased flexibility of the organization, reduce waste and costs, and changing organizational culture towards continuous improvement.

We often see Lean activities focusing on the spot, local improvement processes or areas - mainly in the area of production - which gives small effects throughout the supply chain and throughout ongoing operations. In EY, we use a comprehensive look at the flow of value added along the supply chain, which allows for effective streamlining of processes and real benefits savings.

The combination of the Theory of Constraints Lean (ToC), allows you to speed up the optimization process by focusing on the key constraints in the processes and the organization.

We have international experience with the implementation of Lean programs in various industries, including developed by Procter & Gamble concept of Reliable Technology.

We offer certified training program constitutes a unique combination of knowledge and practice on Lean Management and IT.

  • The development of practical skills in the above areas.
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills to implement and maintain a Lean organization.
  • Understand the key principles of management of production processes (methodologies, tools, mechanisms) in accordance with the principles of Lean Management and IT.
  • Understanding the issues related to the culture of Lean.
  • Understanding the tools to identify and solve problems and develop skills in moderating teams Problem Solving.
  • Acquiring knowledge and motivation necessary for continuous improvement.
  • Obtaining the certificate Green / Black Belt Lean & IT.
  • You can bring a minimum of 50 000 PLN savings for the company in the year through project savings.

For who?
The program is aimed at:
  • Managers and engineers responsible management of production processes and supply chain.
  • Persons responsible for the implementation and improvement of production processes and inventory management (eg steering processes, steering area, quality managers, leaders of Lean, Six Sigma leaders).
  • Persons implementing or planning to implement Lean manufacturing area.

The program is run by EY experts with experience in the implementation of Lean Management and consists of:
  • 7 modules which combine training sessions, during which participants gain knowledge and perform exercises in the field of Lean and IT, enabling the use of these methodologies in practice. Workshops from the second module are carried out based on dedicated game simulates the production process.
  • Project savings realized by each participant in your company. This project should result in savings in the amount of at least 50 000 gold per year. Each participant will have the opportunity to take advantage of individual design consultation.
  • Visits reference in the company implementing Lean Management.
  • Final exam certifying compleiton

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