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Management Accounting with MS Excel

The economic environment is changing very quickly. The question arises how to gather the right information in order to manage the company’s risks and develop the company at the same time. We are interested in the information which will enable us to make the right economic decisions.

Enterprises prepare their financial statements including the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. For managers these statements are often the only source of information about their company’s performance. However they do not contain some internally generated information which could be used to optimise the company’s performance and to make strategic and operating decisions.


The objective of the course is to present management accounting issues, sources of information and methods of presentation and use of this information in business life using computer and an Excel spreadsheet.


  •    know how to use management accounting methods to effectively manage your company or department
  •    know the advantages of budgeting
  •    analyse the reasons for variances between the actual and budgeted results
  •    understand what is the cost of business operations and how it may depend on the accounting policy adopted
  •    be able to prepare relevant management information
  •    feel more confident talking to the financial staff and receive relevant information
  •    know how to use Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and analysis of financial information.

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