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Negotiation Skills

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Effective Techniques in Contract Negotiations

The training course is based on an active learning approach through practice.

This means we involve participants in individual and group exercises with feedback sessions for 75-80% of the course time. Each session consists of a short introduction/interactive presentation for a maximum of 15 minutes, two group exercises in the form of simulation, role-play or a business case study, with feedback information from the trainer and participants.

We apply the Experiential Learning 4-step methodology of David Kolb’s Learning Cycle, which gives participants the possibility of first-hand negotiation experience combined with self-reflection and seeing the way of implementing the training course’s key learnings in real life situations.

Participants will practise negotiation situations as close as possible to their own professional duties.

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Objectives and advantages

This course will develop participants’ skills to:

  • Plan and prepare for contract negotiations.
  • Identify and overcome conflict that occurs during negotiation.
  • Apply appropriate style based on the situation at hand.
  • Understand the other party’s needs before the negotiation takes place.
  • Make use of wise concessions.
  • Invent win-win outcomes for all negotiating parties.
  • Understand the psychology of negotiation when dealing with different genders, ethnicities, generations and personality types.
  • Overcome manipulations and tricks in negotiation process.
  • Use on-going planning as the key to success in negotiations.
  • Understand and apply the Principled Negotiation Model.
  • Closing the deal professionally.
  • Re-negotiate faulty contracts.


Day 1: Focus on Understanding Contracts and Negotiations

1.Steps toward Contract Negotiation
  • Reasons for Negotiations: Needs & Interests
  • Pre-negotiation steps: Authority Position & Obtaining Approvals
  • Building Business Relations with Contractors
2.Conditions for Contract Negotiation
  • Company Policy and Practices
  • Evaluating Positions of all Parties
  • Establishing Own Rules for Negotiation
3.Negotiation as a Process of Establishing Exchange
  • Phases of Negotiation: Preparation, Debate, Offer, Transaction
  • Formulating Clear Objectives/Options
  • Preparing & Stating Offer in Negotiation
  • Focus on Win-Win Solutions

Day 2: Focus on Preparation and Strategy

4.The Keys to Successful & Effective Negotiation
  • Preparation & Planning ahead: Options, Priorities, Solutions
  • Creating and Using Alternatives (BATNA) to Negotiations
  • Developing Solution-focused Outcomes before Negotiation
  • The Art of Making Wise Concessions
5.When to Negotiate, When to Tender and When to Persuade
  • Knowing The Company Policy and Practices (Implicit Rules)
  • Evaluating the Situation/Context of Negotiations
  • Justification of Negotiation and Single Sourcing 
6.Developing a Winning Strategy
  • Establishing Must and Want Criteria for Success
  • Assigning Weights & Priorities for Negotiation Options
  • Envision of Possible Solutions/Outcomes
  • Avoiding Pitfalls through Research, Internal & External

Day 3: Focus on Effective Techniques and Manipulations

7.Effective Techniques for Contract Negotiation
  • Most Prevalent Negotiation Techniques & Tactics
  • Ploys & Tricks in Negotiating Contract Options
  • Seven Key Techniques of Effective Contract Negotiations
8.Dealing with Manipulations, Tricks and Ploys in Negotiations
  • Common Tricks & Ploys in Contract Negotiation
  • Recognizing Manipulations in Negotiations
  • Methods of Preventing & Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Recognizing Signals of Manipulations and Negative Tricks 

Day 4: Focus on Principled Negotiation & Ongoing Planning 

9.Principled Negotiation (The Harvard Business School Model)
  • Focus on Problems and Solutions, not Positions & Convictions
  • Separating People from the Problem and Use of Emotions in Negotiations
  • Inventing Options & Using Objective Criteria
  • Focus on Values for the Parties in Negotiations

10.Planning the Process as the Key to Win-Win Solutions

  • The Planning Form (Negotiator’s Check-list)
  • Using Different Pricing Strategies
  • Stating Clear Objectives and Options
  • Establishing Power Positions in Negotiations

Day 5: Focus on Closing, Re-negotiating and Implementing Contracts

11.Closing the Deal and Making Contract
  • Classical and Unconventional Methods of Closing Negotiation
  • Writing Contract the Right Way
  • Establishing Common Understanding of Contract Conditions
12.Negotiations after Negotiations: Implementing Contracts 
  • Contract implementing as a project management
  • Establishing Common Action Plans: Contract as a Two-Way Duty
  • How to Re-negotiate Faulty Contract Deals
  • Negotiation never ends (till  the relation exists)

Round-up feed-back session on Key Learning Points from the Course

Currently no open courses are scheduled.

Contact us about organising this course in-house!

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