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Managing process efficiency at SSC/BPO

Practical workshop

Managing process efficiency at Business Service Centers (BSC) is currently the most important challenge for the SSC/BPO sector managers. Client expectations, market dynamics and managing fast changing teams are the key factors which have impact on operational efficiency of SSCs.
Do you:
• know how to efficiently map processes in SSC/BPO and avoid most common mistakes and errors?
• already know the tools that will help you make optimal design of the Continuous Improvement system at your  Business Service Center?
• use appropriate performance metrics to control operational processes at SSCs?
• know how to link the model of services realized by SSC and expected efficiency?
We invite you to participate in intensive workshops which are the practical „must-have” of every SSC sector manager. We will help you systemize your knowledge and show how to use productive tools to manage operational processes at Business Service Center.

For whom?

The addressees of this training are:
• Chief Operating Officers and Chief Executive Officers of the SSC/GBS/BPO sector
• managers, principals and leaders responsible for managing teams at Business Service Centers. 

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