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Project Management for Executives

The course will be led in Polish. Contact Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645 | about organising this course in-house!

In the 21st Century it's hard to imagine a big, developing comapany which doesn't proffesionally manage it's projects. Projects, as complex and innovative tasks, in the organization are realized in set time and have defined and ambitious targets. They are the basis of development because the allow the organization to reach a new "higher level".

Projects should also have a well defined role and responsibility in management. One of those roles which, by many, isn't well understood is the role of the Steering Committee or Sponsors in the case of monitoring important stategic projects.

The course will also help you better understand your own role, responsibility and permissions to effectivly supervise projects.

The course has a form of interactive workshops, which main differentiator is working with real-life examples and exchanging views between participants and coaches

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  • Understanding supervision rules during project realization which doesn't require constant presence of the Steering Committee.
  • Understanding the difference between the responsibility of the Steering Committee and the Project Manager
  • Expanding your knowlege of the supporting tools used during executive project managment.


  • Project scheduling - executive summary
  • Supervising the risk aspect in the project - role and responsibility of the Steering Commitee
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Project typology
  • Supervising project realization
  • Portfolio management
  • Q&A

Price 2100.00 PLN (+ 23% VAT)
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Oktawia Kuruś | tel. 517 882 348|