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Remote work - self-organization

Key goal:

To learn specific techniques that support self-organization and cope with key challenges in a remote work situation.


  • You will learn four key challenges in remote work.
  • You will learn specific techniques and tools that will help you manage yourself, your environment and your work when you work at home.
  • Yields tools that will help you focus on tasks and goals, while taking care of your needs and the needs of colleagues and household.


  • Self-organization ... is it difficult for everyone? Different people, different challenges of remote work.
  • Key areas of concentration supporting self-organization in a remote work situation.
  • Ways to maintain relationships and build mutual support and shared responsibility in team work remotely.
  • How to organize the work process with tasks, priorities and deviations from them?
  • How to remember goals and watch over the quality and timeliness of tasks?
  • Techniques that help manage the workplace and yourself (physical environment, household members, colleagues) and your well-being in a remote work situation.
  • How to motivate yourself and where to find inspiration when you work from home?
  • Self-organization: knowledge, skills, attitudes.

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