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Risk Management

Every company faces uncertainty on a daily basis. In the quickly changing world, risk is present constantly. 

Risk management is a process which helps an organisation understand and assess the risks it is exposed to. The existence of such a process allows organisations to take the appropriate action, thus increasing the probability of success and reducing the possibility of failure. 

Risk management relates to all organisations: big, small, private and public. 

Course objectives 

  • To present basic concepts and models of risk management.
  • To present practical methods of identification and analysis of risk in an organisation. 
  • To discuss methods of risk control and management. 
"Komunikacja i wiedza na wysokim poziomie. Umiejętność słuchania, umiejętność mówienia. Bardzo empatyczny trener. Udział w szkoleniu to była przyjemność."
Uczestnik szkolenia "Zarządzanie ryzykiem" ,
jesień 2015

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