Financial Gearing – What managers should know. Let us get it right! – EY Academy of Business

Financial Gearing – What managers should know. Let us get it right!


Financial Gearing – What managers should know. Let us get it right!

A very important ratio that is misunderstood because we wrongly assume it is impossible to understand! It is in fact very easy to understand and a very powerful ratio that all managers can use.

Who is this webinar led by?

Marinos Athanassiou is the founder of the EY Academy of Business and has been a trainer since 1994.

He started his professional career in audit as an assistant at Sears Michaels, Holborn in London and later joined Ernst & Young (which we now know as EY). Later on, he worked as CFO of an investment bank before fulfilling his ambition to become a professional trainer.

Marinos’ training competences and many successful collaborations with partners in developing exciting programmes, stem from both his professional experience and as he calls it “the knowledge given to me by my very students in the interactive courses I design for them”.

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Marinos Athanassiou

Founder of the EY Academy of Business and a trainer

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