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International Finance - Postgraduate Studies

A unique programme for business professionals

Attend this course ONLINE LIVE or in Warsaw!

Enrolment is still open - join us wherever you are in the world! 

As per the Rector's decision at the Warsaw School of Economics, all classes during the winter term 2020 will take place online.
We do not have a decision from the University yet about the summer term. This will depend on the epidemiological situation and government decisions on the subject.
Irrespective of this, we encourage all participants to participate in the course online throughout the year and benefit from our interactive online classrooms.

This is a unique and ambitious programme offered jointly by SGH Warsaw School of Economics and the EY Academy of Business. This programme is addressed to professionals who may or may not work in financial positions, but for whom Finance is essential for their career.

The skills developed will not be restricted to traditional technique and tools but will also include more modern and sophisticated skills in areas like Lean Accounting, Risk Management, Performance Management etc. These will help candidates develop their personal advancement in business and play a major role in the strategic financial decision-making processes of their organization.

Candidates will receive expert, internationally acclaimed tuition and training from some of the best academics and practitioners in Finance with local and international experiences, knowledge and skills. All topics will therefore be covered from scratch to an advanced level at fast progression.

One important objective of this course is to enhance participants' Business English language skills.

Course methodology

The courses are intensive and will include a combination of lectures, workshops, case-studies and self study. The entire programme is practical: short cases will be used to enable students to view the practical application of the concepts taught. There will be need for some study time at home in order to pass examinations. To motivate self-study, a series of progress tests will have to be solved and sent to the tutor for feedback.

Materials are specially designed for self study (See a sample of the materials: Strategic Planning and Budgeting or IFRS), and students will have a hot-line to their tutor throughout the course to ask for advice as and when necessary.

The main areas covered by the syllabus are:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis under IFRS with comparison to US GAAP
  • Financial Strategies, Valuations, Risk Management and Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Controlling

Each module can be attended flexibly online or offline in Warsaw – you will have the option for either mode of attendance.

You will find more information in the brochure attached below (pdf) and on the SGH website.

or contact our consultant:

Benefits of online delivery of the programme:

  • ‘Classroom effect’ so that everyone knows who the other participants are and can communicate with them and tutor via chat;
  • Sharing screens so that participants can view the trainer’s screen and work together with them in real time;
  • Possibility to communicate via audio with small groups or when the trainer allows;
  • ‘Breakout rooms’ enabled so that the class can be divided into groups to interact among themselves and solve case studies;
  • Surveys, polls, MCQs and open questions during the training: responses broadcast in real time (under the trainer’s control);
  • Evaluation tests during the online course.
  • All our trainers have many years' experience in online training delivery.

Sample our excellent resources

These provide an insight into our practical and example-based training approach: