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Summer Academy of Finance

18-20 August 2021 | Online Live
Price: PLN 2,700 net
Please note that this course is currently only scheduled in Polish.
Contact us about organising this course in-house! 

This is an interactive workshop engaging all participants to actively learn and work together on tasks assigned by the trainer. The results are discussed with the trainer.

Do you manage operations and so far, you did not have to worry about your actions' impact on financial statements, because it was taken care of by your CFO? This is changing in many organizations right now and the expectation arises for operations people to know how their daily decisions impact numbers in the financial statements. 

This course will provide answers to questions like: Repair an old machine or purchase a new one? Depreciation and amortization – what are these, who and what determines them and how they impact financial results and we mean “THE FINANCIAL RESULTS”, the ones that the Management is held accountable for by the owners.  Take a bank loan or go for an operating or finance lease agreement?  Will the company result be different? Is balance sheet going to look the same for each of the options? How group accounting policy may impact this and where to check this? How to foresee the impact of select option on the numbers in the financial statements? Net result, EBIT or EBITDA? What about financial result for tax purposes?

This course will provide answers to the above, and other questions related to financial statements.

Managers manage operations daily – during our training they will learn to "manage financial results”.  They will look at a business "through the numbers" and will see what is behind them and will discover operational challenges.   

For whom?

The training is for managers with no previous experience in finance and accounting, who currently need to use and interpret data provided in the financial statements to make sound business decisions. 

We recommend this training specifically to:

  • Business owners – especially shorty before transforming from personally run business into a legal entity (sp. z o.o. or S.A.)
  • Managers of non-finance departments (sales, technical, operational management)
  • Specialists from non-finance departments
  • Persons preparing for new functions, e.g. management or supervisory board
  • All others, who would like to start their adventure with numbers and finance

Training objectives

If you would like to find out:

  • What can you read off balance sheet and P&L?
  • What is Cash Flow about – and what makes it special?
  • Why accounting regulations were created and how to navigate through them?
  • Is the auditor an inspector who should be avoided or someone we can learn from?
  • How so businesses manage their financial results while sitting at their desks?
  • How to look “through the numbers” to see real operational problems?
  • Is it a good idea to limit yourself to one-year financial data?
  • How to construct ratios that are useful in the financial analysis of a business?
  • What does the financial data not show?

This course will enable you to make your first firm step into the world of finance.  Register and join us!  

This course is delivered in Polish. If you are interested in this programme, please contact our consultant: Natalia Medyńska | tel. +48 789 407 645 |

We provide similar training in Finance in English too, with the added benefit of practising your Business English! Find out more about our Finance in Business suite of courses.