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Process management for internal auditors


The two-day workshop aimed at acquiring skills to change the business and organizational process. We invite everyone who are responsible for process management to participate in the course and in particular: 
  • internal auditors, 
  • internal audit department employees who want to learn the rules of operation of the process, 
  • all relevant internal audit who want to expand and complement their knowledge. 
Classes are conducted in an interactive format. During the workshops, using different training methods and examples, we realize individual and group exercises, working on scenarios and simulations. 
Our courses meet the requirements of international professional organizations (ACCA, IIA) for the further education of their members.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

• use tools for mapping and measuring processes
• Identify the processes within the operation of your company / organization
describe and evaluate existing processes,
implement and put into practice in their business environment by Deming's PDCA cycle,
• improve existing processes in your organization, taking into account efficiency and savings that gives "thinking process".

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